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Sustainable Glam produces hair products that not only perform but reflects a society shift in lifestyle and values towards a more sustainable world.

15in1 Benefits Leave-in Conditioner Spray Hair Mask Detangler

Certified Organic  | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Sustainable Bottles Made from Sugarcane

Perfect for all hair types. It's amazing certified organic active ingredients, work together to instantly give you soft, conditioned, detangled, healthier, stronger, shiny hair.

Certified Organic Active Ingredients

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Sustainable & Recyclable Low Carbon Footprint Bottles Made from Sugarcane


Our Signature Scent Notes

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I am ecstatic about the 15in1 Benefits Leave-in. I use it every day and don't have to wash my hair. Leaves hair super silky and it doesn't bring my hair down. Gives me the beach look that I love when applied on damp hair. You blew it out of the park with this product, and trust me I am extremely picky with my hair products.


The 15in1 Benefits leave-in hair mask can become an addiction! Smells really good! Because of where I live my curly hair tends to get really dry, it helps give it moisture, shape and definition. 

Tania C.

I love the bottle, the design is minimalist and the color green communicate pureness and natural. The fragrance Wow I love it!!!


It feel great on the hair, love the bottle and the smell is wonderful! The smell is very earthy, botanical, real fresh & clean scent.

Steve V.

The product is incredible, I sprayed it on my hair this morning and now almost ready to go to bed and my hair is still super soft. I love it! 


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