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Our Story

The Brand

At Sustainable Glam we believe you should not sacrifice performance for certified organic ingredients and sustainability. They should all be together as one, to create a Sustainable beauty brand that reflects a society shift in lifestyle and values towards a more sustainable world. 

We are a family-owned luxury hair care company and it is our hope that with our 18 years of expertise in the professional hair care sector, we can play our small part and inspire needed change within our industry. Join us and be part of our Sustainable Glam journey.


When we began crafting Sustainable Glam we not only set out to look for the best ingredients worldwide but also look for a sustainable bottle that would work with our product.

By using bioplastic bottles made from ethanol, a renewable and sustainable raw material produced from sugarcane, we are able to deliver improved sustainability and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Sugarcane is a highly renewable crop. In comparison to conventional polyethylene plastic. The main difference is that the ethanol used for our bioplastic bottles is not produced using crude oil, but instead is derived from sugarcane. Therefore from a life-cycle perspective, each ton of sugar cane bioplastic used to produce our bottles captures up to 3.09 tons of CO2 thus helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Glam Imgreen Seal

We also went further and obtained the ImGreen seal which guarantees the biogenic carbon content of our sugarcane bottles.

In addition, our sugarcane bioplastic is fully recyclable through post-consumer recycling channels of traditional plastics. Just place on blue recycle bin to dispose.

In February 2020 we conducted a Radiocarbon C14 Analysis on our bottles which showed 100% bio based content.

Offset our shipping emissions

We neutralize and offset our shipping emissions that contribute to climate change

With the purchase of our products you are also supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. Every month, we calculate the total emissions generated by our shipped orders, and that number becomes our monthly offset cost that goes towards forest protection initiatives. We will be sharing these environmentally-friendly statistics in our page such as total amount of shipping emissions we've offset and the environmental impact benefit of those offsets, including how many trees we paid to protect.

For packaging your orders we use:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts (just use water to dissolve) made from vegetable starch.
  • Recyclable kraft paper
  • Recyclable carton boxes

Sustainability is a evolving journey

We truly believe sustainability is an evolving journey as well as an ultimate goal, where new more efficient sustainable options will eventually become available as infrastructure evolves and these options become more cost efficient. Being a family-owned independent brand enables us to implement and adapt very quickly when making decisions about our products. 

It is a delicate and hard-to-achieve balance between performance, cost, environmental responsibility, and most importantly consumer support. We will keep evolving our product and searching for new sustainable alternatives to achieve this balance. Together with the support of our customers we will be at the forefront of a new Sustainable Glam world!