Our Story

The Brand

At Sustainable Glam, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the world of hair care by seamlessly blending performance, high quality performing ingredients, and sustainability into a single, harmonious experience.

Established in April 2020 by Fernanda and Javier Rabago, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo boasting over two decades of expertise in the professional hair care industry, Sustainable Glam represents our commitment as parents to leave behind a healthier planet for generations to come.

Our journey began with a desire to align our lifestyle values with a brand that could stand out. We embarked on a continuous quest to create a brand characterized by exceptional quality, centered around top-tier certified organic active ingredients, and unwavering professional-level performance. Above all, our vision was to craft a brand capable of making a tangible impact in terms of sustainability.

Fernanda Rabago passionately sums it up: "Our mission is to redefine beauty by ensuring that high-performance hair care and ethical sustainability go hand in hand."

Javier Rabago added: "As a boutique independent brand, we possess the agility to stay at the forefront of innovation. We continuously adapt, embracing new ingredients and sustainable packaging options as they become available, shaping the future of our product launches. We firmly believe that our deep-rooted expertise in the professional hair care sector can act as a catalyst for much-needed change within our industry."

Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable and glamorous future. Together, we can make a difference—one strand at a time.