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Our Story

The Brand

At Sustainable Glam we believe you should not sacrifice performance for certified organic ingredients and sustainability. They should be together as one. 

Sustainable Glam was launched in late April 2020. Founded by Fernanda and Javier Rabago, a husband and wife team with 20+ years experience in the professional hair care industry.  


"As parents we believe is our responsibility to play a part in leaving a better planet for future generations. We have always wanted to create a brand that would reflect our lifestyle values. So we embarked on this ongoing journey to craft a brand that would have exceptional quality ingredients, mainly with top certified organic active ingredients, and with professional-level performance. But most importantly, we wanted to craft a brand that it could make an impact in terms of sustainability." 

- Fernanda Rabago


"Being a boutique independent brand allows us to be at the forefront by being nimble at making changes as new ingredients and sustainable packaging options become available for future product launches. It is our hope that with our expertise in the professional hair care sector we can play our small part and inspire needed change within our industry."

- Javier Rabago